Bleed Valve

Some (see the list below )of the pumps come with a bleed valve assembly that attaches to the discharge (top) side the pump head. The bleed valve allows you to manually prime the feeder and depressurize the discharge line without disconnecting the feeder from the tubing connections.

Pulsafeeder CE Mark CZXXX

As a safety precaution, the air bleed tubing (coming from the side of the air bleed) should be routed back to the solution tank or a suitable drain to prevent any contact with fluid.

Not all pumps include a bleed valve. The inclusion of a bleed valve depends on the type of tube/pipe connection being used. The connection code is usually the 10th digit in the model number -the first digit after the three digit wet-end material code (ex. "-PTC")and the last digit before the suffix code (ex. "-XXX").

The following connection codes include bleed valves:

Remember, connection size only plays a small part in sizing a metering pump.

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